BBQ joints in Charleston and Savanah?

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Feb 7, 2008
I'll be in Charleston,SC and Savannah, GA in November and was wondering what joints I needed to pull a chair up to. Any suggestions?
Well this is pretty odd in that good storebought bbq cant even be found where there should be some..let alone some godforsaken places mentioned. I would try the seafood. Aint them places close to the Ocean? I'm pretty sure Nick would get the crabs down there.
I'm planning on hitting up a few seafood shacks, but I would like to try some BBQ from the south.
Now if some one were to be in the area and wanted to exchange some rubs and sauces, I imagine both parties could cook up some great regional BBQ in their own back yards.
Yes no doubt if they got some decent rubs and sauces these hypothetical folks could turn out some good bbq in the back yard..if they know shit from shineola about how to cook stuff etc.
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