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Feb 9, 2009
i want to make some beef jerky, and dont have a dehydrator...i do have an oven and a quality LP grill....but i do want to make sure the beef is more dehydrated and less cooked....ive seen alton brown use air filters and a big fan, but i dont have (or feel like buying) a fan like that, so i dont think thats an option

anyone ever successfully do this?
I have done the Alton Brown method. I found a box fan for like $15 or $20 on sale. His method works amazingly well. the fax and filters do take up a lot of space though, but if you like jerky it is worth it.
yeah, i know its really not much money, and i bet the results are fantastic, but im trying to save as much money as possible right now (new home owner), and a $20 fan really isnt a necessary expense right now.....$20 here, $10 there, it adds up....i do want to try that method eventually, though

so any tips with the oven or grill? i know i will get more "cooking" that i prob want, but im sure it will still be good
I hear ya! It is those small expenses that add up and do more harm than you realize. Good for you for keeping that in check!

The only tip I can give you is keep the oven temp as low as it will go.
The oven works great. Keep it as low as it will go with the door ajar. I hang the beef strips from the top oven rack with toothpicks and put foil on the bottom rack to catch the drips. It dries evenly this way. Liquid smoke is essential in your marinade (I think!). I've also done jerky in my Big Green Egg which was awesome. Cheers!
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