Chicken Opor: Fancy food with fancy taste which only can find in particular day!

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Jun 4, 2011
Chicken opor. well if you guys has no idea about it i will tell you. This food is cooked with a lot of turmeric inside it and coconut milk


That is Chicken Opor looks like

So what is it?
Chicken opor only cooked in two countries which is Indonesia and Malaysia. And they ONLY cook it in special event called: Idul Fitr, it's holy day for Moslem which that is majority religion on both countries. And, maybe the reason is same as american only cooks turkey when thanksgiving or maybe christmas.

And they usually eat it with: KETUPAT

This is Ketupat looks like

Ketupat is rice cake boiled in rhombus or shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves.

Well...that is the description of Chicken opor and ketupat. Special dishes which only could find in particular countries and in particular day.

heemm...actually this is my first thread, so if you still have lot of questions post your comments. And i will give you the recipes if you guys want me to extend this thread!! :) :) :) :chef:
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