Chilaquiles for your new years hangover!

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Dec 18, 2004
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6 corn tortillas per person at least. Can be frozen, in this one dish Im not too much of a tortilla purist.

Now slice the tortillas into long strips and cut these in half, so you end up with lots of long strips of tortilla. Add about half of them to your wok with some oil so they get a crispy and then add the rest and fry untill they are golden... that way half will be tender and half will crunch like a tortilla chip.

Chillaquiles dishes:

Entomatadas - To the chilaquilles ad some sliced garlic, a little chorizo, ham, pork or chicken, some tomato paste or even better yet diced tomatoes, jalapeno slices and once it's well cooked cover with the cheapest, saltiest, crumbliest FETA you can find. This simulates the kind of mexican cheese that goes best with this dish.

Chilaquiles en salsa verde: You will be needing a can of herdez or costenya tomatillo salsa, preferently pork, chicken or chorizo and a nice mild melty cheese like chihuahua or a "pizza" cheese mix. Probably my favorite varity.

Breakfast chilaquiles: Ok, all of them are traditional breakfast fare (or lunch, or dinner) but if you chop in some onion, chorizo and egg into your fried chilaquiles you will end up with a breakfast of champions, especially when served with a nice side of refried beans.

Have a great day guys!

Edit: changed Gouda for FETA cheese, it was 2 am and I got them mixed up.


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Aug 27, 2004
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Thanks so much for posting this!! I was looking for a TNT recipe for chilaquiles!
My nephew spent a few months in Baja California, Mexico as a teen and had this for breakfast every day. Has been asking me to find him a recipe for "Chili Killers" or to try to make them for him next time I'm visiting. (we live 600 miles apart) First I had to translate "Chili Killers" or "Chili Killahs" with his Boston accent!!

I can't wait to try them and send him the recipe!
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