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Jul 14, 2004
OK we all have our comfort foods, but what about comfort sounds? A fairly obvious one for a lot of people is the sound of rain outside. What are some of your other comfort sounds?

For me, it is the sound of the snowplow very late at night or early in the morning when there are no other sounds at all. Something about that sound just makes me feel very secure and warm.
When I open my brewing fridge and here the Bloop, Bloop, Bloop of the airlock on my Lager fermenter. I know all is well and can relax.
Thinking about this ... I realize that my comfort "sound" is actually a total lack of sound. I have mild tinnitus in my left ear, so I never have complete silence, but where I live, late at night, the silence is absolute, and I love it.

Catseye, totally agree. We live in the shrubbery because there is silence.

We both grew up in big cities, silence is wonderful.
The sounds of Dougie "Tiggering" on the next floor...the sound of your loved one's voice....this time of year, Christmas Carols, especially "Good King Wencelas", my favourite!

Daddy playing the accordion. My little sister playing the guitar. I see both seldom, and when I do see them, they don't play the way they used to when I was a kid. Others hate polkas and accordions; I adore them. Unlike other kinds of dancers, have you ever seen a polka-er who was NOT smiling? Sis played jazz, flamenco and classical when she was a child. She doesn't any longer. But I put on the great guitarists and it takes me back to when I was her human metronome.

Birds when they wake in the morning. A couple times in my life (here and in Hawaii, specifically) friends staying would actually COMPLAIN that birds woke them in the morning! Is there any better way to wake up?
Catseye said:
I have mild tinnitus in my left ear, so I never have complete silence, but where I live, late at night, the silence is absolute, and I love it.


I have it pretty bad in both ears so need to sleep with some noise like a fan. Otherwise all I can here are the freakin Tuning Forks in my ears. Ughhhhhh :!:
Rain, for certain, and the occasional thunder; river rapids, the train that runs through Eugene 4 times a day; the gaggle of geese who fly by my living room window twice a day honking off key; a baby laughing; water falls; my daughter's voice (btw not wanting to brag or anything, this term end she has a 4.25 GPA at University of Oregon, YEAH); the crunch of dry leaves under my foot or bicycle tire; the clickclick of studded tires (do not know where that comes from); a voice with an accent; a cat purring; birds singing; squirels chirping; and other things I cannot remember now.
my Mom's voice reassuring me, saying, 'it's okay. i'm here. shut your eyes again, go to sleep, it's okay.' when i'm sick and feverish and scared.
the cat purring.
sometimes just the tv.
the phone ringing when i'm worried about someone.
The sound of the coffee maker in the morning as I lie in bed trying to wake up.

The coyotes howling out in the middle of the valley at night during a full moon.

My dog eating his dry dog food in the morning as I get ready for work.

A lawn mower on a warm spring afternoon.

The kids playing in the school playground next door to where I work.

I think the reason that these sounds are comforting to me is that the signal that at that time everything it OK with my world.
Bangbang said:
The first lawn mower I here in the spring and the ocean waves.

I would have bet money it would have been the hiss of a beer bottle being opened.
My husband's voice saying " I still love you best"
My son's key in the door at 2:00 in the morning.
My cat's purr.
The ocean on a sunny day.
The telephone NOT ringing.
The sound of the garage door opening after a long drive.
A friend's laughter.
The calm, slow breathing of my children sleeping
Crickets & tree frogs on a warm summer night
My cats purring in my lap
Soup or stew simmering on the stove
Wind chimes tinkling in a gentle breeze
The sound of my husband comming in the back door from work
My children palying in peace

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