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Jul 12, 2008
Is anyone cooking tonight?

I already had my dessert. When it cools down later I will have dinner.:LOL:
Good question, Patty.
I finished off the macaroni salad from yesterday about an hour ago. I'll probably eat something warm later... maybe heat up some potatoes or something. Probably not making anything from scratch tonight.
I'm too busy to cook. DH is too stressed from new job.

I will be ordering a falafel platter and probably a beef and chicken platter from Mr. Falafel, as soon as I finish typing this. Oh yum, I can hardly wait. Really, really good Middle Eastern food.
Jerked Pork Tenderloin with Rum 'n' butter soaked yams and a green salad...


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I made classic SOS on honey wheat toast points, topped with a grated HB egg and dill. YUM!
I couldn't hold off and ended up heating up the other half rack of ribs from last night. I had really wanted to save those until tomorrow... for some unknown reason. I rolled up a little pico in a corn tortilla as a side.
Mr. Gouda makes a great Jerk Seasoning.
And, as far as the yams go, I'll eat anything soaked in rum, butter and brown sugar....

I have liked all the Mr. Gouda sauces I ever tried. Okay, the mild curry is a bit, well, mild, but it will get used up. :LOL:

I make my own jerk rub or use President's Choice Memories of Montego Bay, it's good stuff.

I don't like anything that sweet with my savoury. And now, I'm not supposed to eat sweet potatoes (they're estrogenic).

I'll eat just about anything soaked in rum, butter, and brown sugar for dessert. :LOL:
Turkey caesar salad wraps. We've cleaned out the fridge in preparation for the trip tonight.
I did a bacon wrapped pork roast a couple of nights ago, so we're having that with Spanish Rice that's on the stove as we speak. I browned the rice with bacon, onion, celery then added some Goya pico, a couple of Tbs of tomato paste and water. Wish I had some bell pepper but oh well.
The usual "all but the kitchen sink green salad".
Dinner was a Turkey sandwich (turkey, stuffing, butter lettuce and mayo on white bread), cranberry tangerine relish


And stuffed mushrooms

Bastardized cream of mushroom soup with crackers and Twistos. Hold the yams.
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