Feel like no one understands me..

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Sep 11, 2021
life is so hard when you feel that way but one main advantage to this is that you are feeling smarter many times {not always}.
how misunderstood do you feel when it comes to other people??!
what do you do when you feel this way besides maybe simply trying to explain them?

the good parts of life are elusive..


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My grandkids don't hardly know me. They only know me now, on dialysis, weak from health issues. They don't understand that on my first day ever, downhill skiing, I was running advanced level slopes, and moguls. It took me about three minutes to learn how to waster ski. I've had advanced driver training, for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. I raised their father, and three other children while taking care of a sick, bed-ridden wife, and earning a B.S. in Electrical engineering, and received the highest grade in my graduating class for my senior project. I repaired the most advanced electronic equipment to the component level, on state of the art Navy aircraft, maintaining 3.8 quarterly marks on a 4.0 scale for my entire ten year enlistment. I was supervisor of three different shifts, and a quality assurance inspector. I also worked for Lockheed, repairing, and refurbishing the Navy's deep submersible rescue vehicle. I worked with the most technically advanced military hardware this country had to offer. I scuba dived, rode dirt bikes up hills that were ridiculous to climb. I taught my kids winter survival skills, rope techniques, lashing, hunting, fishing, archery, rifle, and shotgun shooting skills, snowmobiling, how to design solar panels, kites, and water driven generators. And with all of that, every time I try to give them advise, or offer to help with homework, I'm treated as if I'm just a doddering old man, good for driving them to school, or volleyball practice, etc. A life of giving everything I had to my family will be remembered only by my children. My youngest daughters' children respect me. My oldest son's children don't, except when forced to by their father. But I'll keep giving of myself. It's who I am.

Seeeeya' Chief Longwind of the North.

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