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Hummer - you can grate or cube the potato - the key is plenty of salt and pepper - caramelize some onions along with the potatoes. Nature's Seasoning is great on hash browns too.
hummer, I usually partially roast a potatoe and chill in fridge overnite. Then shread or slice thin and saute in pan of butter with either EVOO or vegetable oil. I usually dust potatoes with garlic powder and onion powder and paprika. If you use fresh onions to saute, the potatoes take longer to brown becuase of the juices emitted by the onions, which is why I use the powder.
A couple of tips for getting good hash browns:

1. After you shred/grate the potatoes, place them in the center of a clean towel, then roll it up and wring it out. This will get most of the liquid out, giving you nice, dry spuds that will brown better.

2. Use a lot of oil. Most of it will run off anyway, so you won't end up with greasy browns. But fat is necessary to brown them properly.

3. Get the pan or griddle hot before putting the spuds on.

4. DON'T FIDDLE AROUND WITH THEM! So often people succumb to the urge to monkey around with them or move 'em, but don't. Let them be until they form a nice crust. Then you can gently move them around to keep them a nice hot spot.

5. Turn them only once.

Aside from that, I like lots of onions in mine and I season them with S&P before cooking.
Soak fresh shredded potatoes in really cold water then squeeze out water and put on dish towel and get out more water make sure oil is hot the add potatoes cook until well browned then flip.Be sure to use a fair amount of oil. and cook till till done.:)

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