Hey YOU! Yes you Lurkers and Guests...We want You!

The friendliest place on the web for anyone that enjoys cooking.
If you have answers, please help by responding to the unanswered posts.
Yeah we don't bite (unless it is food) and even if we did then it would not hurt because it is only the internet. The more the merrier!
if you come in and join us, i will do my best to make you laugh, and maybe a little hungry..... :D
And I'll try to keep my posts back to you at 150 words or less!!! Come on down...you'll be glad ya did!!

Most of us on this site are certifiable but I love this site and all that are on it. You will never find a friendlier bunch of people.
Barbara... what do you mean?!

I dont get it.
Just signed up!

I decided to join this board just 5 minutes ago! I've been lurking for a while and enjoy this site alot. I love cooking and this site is just perfect.
Thanks for the Welcome, wasabi. I love reading about people cooking, it feels like being in their kitchen!
hiya puteri, welcome. sorry, didn't see you in the intro section. hey, if you had a barn, it would be puteri barn... :D
Hi buckytom, thanks for the welcome. FYI puteri means princess in Malay language. I did get your joke and I guess I should be expecting that!
a princess!!!!! cooooollll. you are gonna be asked to kiss a lot of the guys around here, just to see if it's true in the fairy tales....
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