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Feb 9, 2005
Hi all. I just joined this site today and have spent the last hour reading posts. This is a great site! In October I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, so I can see myself spending lots of time on the Healthy and Special Diets board, but the rest of my family don't want to be treated like diabetics so I'll probably be all over the place too. Some of you might know Tanis, or tancowgirl; she's a friend of mine and she told me about this board a few months ago.....I wish I had taken the time to visit here sooner!

My name is Maureen, and I am from Alberta, married 22 years and mom to three kids and one son-in-law. I have five cats and one big dog, and I love to cook. Currently trying to learn some news things to cook to make my weight loss journey a little less boring. ;)
Hi Butterfly!
It's great to see you! I think you will like it here. We have a great group of people here and you will fit right in. You have a great website too! Thanks for checking us out. :D
Hi Butterfly,
I am also type 2...not on meds yet but I see my Doc on Friday. I was dx. last weight loss, still eat what ever I want but have limited amounts of anything "white" if I have them.
Where is Tanis???
Thank you for the welcome!

It's nice to have such a warm welcome here; I can tell I am going to like this site! Thank you to all of you.

I put another post up explaining where Tanis is, under her MIA thread. She doesn't have a computer right now, because hers was not repairable when she sent it out. She's hoping to be back soon, and she might stop by my house and log in from here if she's in the neighbourhood.

I'm glad you invited me to join, MJ. I should've joined ages ago when Tanis first told me about it, but I just never got around to checking it out. Anyway, I appreciate it.

And thank you Dove, for the links to the other diabetes boards. I joined one of them tonight but haven't posted on it yet. I don't take meds either. Doc wanted me to go on pills, but I don't like taking I asked him if I could try with just my diet. He said sure. So I've been pricking my finger a million times a day, and learning what foods affect my blood sugar in what's been a steep learning curve. Doc is happy with how it's going though, and I am shamelessly proud of the fact that I have lost 25 pounds since Oct 15. Butterfly is now accepting attagirls!
Welcome butterfly, we love our friends and relative from the north. (I have cousins in saskatchewan (spruce lake) and Alberta, plus several at this site.

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