ISO roaster stovetop?

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Jun 3, 2009
Bronx, NY

I am looking for a roaster that I can use on the stovetop after taking it out of the oven for the drippings.

Can someone recommend one?
You are talking about a roasting pan? (When I hear roaster, I think of the big electric appliance my grandma had on her kitchen counter.)

You can spend a gazillion dollars on an expensive stainless steel one, or go for lower cost enamel ware or WalMart roasting pan. Almost anything that you could roast a cut of meat or poultry in could work on top of the stove--the only exception I can think of would be a glass pan.
A heavy one works best (IMHO) on top of the stove. I have a small, heavy one that I love, never need to worry about scorching, and a thin SS one that is large. I can use it on the stovetop for making gravy, but need to be much more careful with it as it can burn easily on higher heat. Actually, the heavy one is a "stew pot" as it has high sides and a lid... got it as a gift from my brother. Mauviel Copper Oval Stew Pots: Kitchen & Dining
Yes I mean a roasting pan.

That roasting pan is too expensive but looks really nice.

Holy crap! Over $600 for a stew pot. Not in my lifetime.

A roaster should have low sides so the roast will brown properly. I prefer metal ones so they can be used to make a gravy or sauce on the stove top while the roast is resting.

I have used a non-stick aluminum roasting pan as well as a SS pan. I have roasted in my CI skillet and in tri-ply skillets and saute pans.

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