I've an exercise question that i'm not sure you would glad me asking

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Sep 11, 2021
some of you mentioned that you can't post "way off" off topic question here..
but i need your advice..

so to ask or not to ask?? this is my question..
let's try, hopefully this time there is be no oppression to my question.
i want to buy weights that are adjustable.
i've found an automatic one {very expensive} made by KETTLER.
but i'm also not sure it is a sturdy item.
i'm also considering buying one that is adjusted manually.

what do you think about this?
should i by mantual weights? which model?
i don't like how the young people{or even old} dress and behave at the gym {and other places} but this is only one reason not to join one.
i bought some "manually" adjusted dumbbells. they are good.
tnx for the advice even if i won't use it. at least not not.
do you go to a gym?
i remember when i was in vancouver in canada i used to go to a ymca gym. it was a relaxed and good one back then. a lot of freindly eastern indians and the stuff was also kind a easy on my mussels.

i wish it was the same here in israel. a lot of things in israel are chaotic but i won't replace it in any other country....

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