Lamb Tagine - Leg or Shoulder?

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I use shoulder for long cooking which have more connective tissue which in my opinion delivers more flavor as well as being more tender. Legs are leaner and I generally use them when I want to roast lamb to a particular doneness which is usually medium rare. But like what has already been mentioned, both can be used. imo
We used to make a lamb, dried apricot and almond tagine and served over couscous. Haven't made it in MANY, MANY years. Now, this thread has made me want it again. Gonna have to go through the old homemade cookbooks because the recipe is not in the electronic cookbook, though a couple of good looking chicken tagine are.
From the land of lamb..shoulder by far. I bone and roll them.

Leg is good for rotisserie . I have about 1 1/2 lambs in my freezers.
You can giggle Pedro's house of lamb. His lamb is melt in your mouth.

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