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Andy R

Site Team
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Feb 14, 2002
Dallas, Tx
I have completed the conversion to the new software. Look for lots of little features to "pop up" soon as I turn them on. I'll be fixing stuff all day. If you see anything funky or have problems post them here.
Yea!!!! Looks great Andy!

I know there's icons you can choose for your messages too - I feel they just have to be "activated" somehow.
It took me a moment to figure out how to log on, but now that I am here it looks great. You got us up and running so quickly. Great work Andy!
Ok, I had a problem logging in. When the main page loaded, I immediately realized that the new software was up and running. Goodie! I see there is a login on the upper right corner of the main page. I knew I would have to login manually, as my browser's Wand (password) function wasn't set for this page yet. I logged in, and when my browser asked me if I wanted to remember the login handle and password for that page, I clicked yes. This normally will set the cookie into my browser, and automatically log me into the site. I got to the index page, but was NOT logged it. I wasn't able to log in until I replied to this post and manually logged in, while telling my browser NOT to remember my login and password for this page.

I'm using a laptop, with Win98, and the browser I'm using is Opera v.7.54.

I have another pc, with WinXP, and use the same browser. I don't know if I'll have problems with that one or not. I'll have to try it later and let you all know.
I had the same problem Allen. Once I posted a message though my cookie was set and I have not had to log in again.
At first glimpse, I am not impressed, old one was better. Now there are those horrible pop-ups on the right side of the screen where you scroll. Not good at all. Hopefully the ads will go back to what they were.
There are no pop-ups being served from our site. Can you explain what you see better?
Andy R said:
There are no pop-ups being served from our site. Can you explain what you see better?

On the right side of the screen, where we scroll using the arror, there were a number of cookbooks advertised, and, as usual, when you hand moves ever-so-lightly, up came an order screen.
Those are not from this site. It sounds like you might have some type of spyware that reads the page your on and provides relevant ads?!? I can assure you that those ads are not from this site. The home apge has "cooking" related books from Amazon offered but that is it...
Wow, am I in the right place?

I cannot post on Firefox. I am posting with Explorer. Why is that?
Thanks Andy. I am now posting from Firefox. There's alot to get used to here. Just feeling my way around for now.
I like it. Thanks Andy.
Can't wait for the photo gallery to come on line.

Andy R said:
There are no pop-ups being served from our site. Can you explain what you see better?

Perhaps I can help. I've got a bar of "Ads by Google" that's coming through on the Opera web browsers that I'm using on BOTH of my computers. I took a screen shot after I hovered my mouse over the "Quick Links" at the top, clicked that, then captured the screen shot. Once I figure out how to post an image here, I'll show you what it looks like.
Do you mean the big ad at the top that is surrounded by an orangish border? If so, that one is indeed supposed to be there. But we do not server any pop-ups...

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