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Aug 21, 2010
Bay Area California
We were offerd someones guest house for the week in the mountains. It turned out to be a 4k+sqf carriage house that was seperate from a 10k+sqf main house on 13+ plus manicured mountain acres. Best place I have ver stayed and came with a great new kitchen that i had never seen. I brought my folding Chefs knife from AG Russell as was glad I did.

The first night our hosts joined us for a the biggest tri-tip I have ever seen or cooked along with caremalized onions and salsa for topping. I also served beans and some sliced zuccini dressed with pesto. Our hosts brought some squash dish baked with a cream sauce and bread crumbs.

A few other memorable meals included Californis Roll Noodle bowls with Udon,carrot.romaine,avacado.seseame.cucumber,soy,wasabi,sesame seed,sri hacha

Machaca, which is a Mexican breakfast consisting of leftover potatoe,steak.cilantro tomatoe,bacon,cheese,eggs,green onions all reheated in a skillet. I added some corn this time and it worked great.

Cumin rubbed baby back ribs ribs done in the oven with a honey glaze at the end.Fresh Garlic and buttered sourdough to go with along with a great watermelon.

Mini Thanksgiving style style dinner with green bean bean casserole,Roasted chicken,beet salad,potatoes

We were completly disconnected from TV,Internet,news etc. I was almost surprised that the earth was still here when I got home! Thanks to all for keeping it together! LOL!

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