Poodle shaped coffee cookies?

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Nov 2, 2010
Hi, my standard poodle service dog turns 2 next week. I'd like to bake some cookies to take to work. I have a poodle cookie cutter, I just need a recipe. I'd like a coffee flavored recipe because my dog is "cafe latte" colored. Anyone know of any cookie cutter friendly coffee flavored cookies?

I'd try a sugar cookie. I think they work the best for "cookie cutter" cookies. Maybe use stong coffee or a coffee extract or coffee liquer for the flavoring.
Here is a link to an interesting recipe but you have to scroll way down to find it.
Coffee Sugar Cookies

You can google for other recipes to.

Personally, I think I would make a traditional sugar cookie and make a mixture of espresso powder and sugar to sprinkle on the tops.
Thanks guys! I never thought of using a sugar cookie for the base. I've always had a history of making the most unique looking cookie recipes I can find, so I've missed some of the basics. Cookie cutters have thus far not been part of my norm, so I didn't automatically connect them with sugar cookies.

this probably does not belong here. tried to start a new thread in cakes. didn't work for whatever reason.

i bought a pan for individual gingerbread men cakes. going to make a gingerbread bundt recipe to use in them. site where i bought had a mix, but refused to pay fifteen dollars for a cake mix.

do you think it will work. does anyone have a pan like this? if so how did it work for you?

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