Sunday dinner 12/10

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Sous Chef
May 20, 2016
Hatfield, PA
I went with mussels, also woke up the sourdough starter for a loaf to go with them to sop up the juice. I had some fresh curry leaves leftover from my goat curry experiment earlier in the week, and man, fresh curry leaves are an amazing ingredient. I tend to fall in love with one ingredient and get kind of weird about it, I think fresh curry leaves are going to be that. Already thinking if I can incorporate them into mac cheese, which on the outset seems like an awful idea, but if you think about it...

Got thinking of the whole salmon and foil pack suggestion, and wrapped up my salmon with some lemon, garlic, a little fresh pepper, and some fennel. Decided to let it sit to marinate a bit, eat it tonight.

The mussels were fresh, and for some reason I like eating shellfish when watching the Walking Dead.

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