Tropicana raising orange juice prices

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I live about 5 miles away from the Tropicana headquarters. Folks in the rest of the country were so whacked out by the horrible weather this year, that many don't realize that we got hit down here too. We went for weeks with hard freezes at night. Yes, in south Florida I had to scrape ice of my car to go to work in the mornings!

The crops were decimated. 70% of the tomato crop was wiped out. Strawberries were ruined. A chill is good for ripening citrus, but not hard freezes. On top of it, citrus "greening" is spreading and there is yet no cure for it. The produce prices will probably be sky high until the summer when the northern crops start coming in.

I'm afraid it won't be pretty........
I'd rather have the price go up than have the volume go down. You're not really saving any money. The benefit to Tropicana is that there is a perceived savings in the mind of the consumer.
I'd rather have the price go up than have the volume go down. You're not really saving any money.

I feel the exact same way. Like ice cream now coming in 1.5 quart and not true 2-quart/half gallon size. And I saw in Consumer Reports that one of the toilet tissue manufactures has reduced the size and sheet count of it's rolls in order to not have to raise prices.

No one is saving anything and they are just making more money because we end up buying more of the product because there is less in every unit.
Buy cheapest premium oj

Each week I look to see which premium orange juice is cheapest. It usually is Sunnyside Farms brand. This week it was Tropicana.
We have always preferred Tropicana over any other brand of oj - ever since our kids were little. However, I now do with that brand the same as I do with many others - I put brand loyalty further down my list and try different brands to see which is the best value for taste and price. Sometime it is the favorite and sometimes we get a nice surprise.
By reducing the amount by 5 oz they are also making it harder for consumers to comparison shop with other brands. I'll bet that within a year all OJ will be sold in reduced amounts.
I find most grocery stores allow you to comparison shop on price anyway.

Manufactures prices change. They can either raise the price or reduce the contents. Sometimes efficiency can make gains in putting off costs, but in the end one or the other happens. That or just simply go out of business.
i have a huge amount of oranges from my neighbor's tree, will juice tomorrow. also have lemons, going to juice and freeze. my tangelo tree has much fruit, that is also going to be juiced. i don't buy o.j. very often but i do buy the premium oj that is the least expensive.
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