What's everyone cooking for the weekend???

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Master Chef
Jan 4, 2005
Savannah, GA and Somewhere near Lexington, NC
Jersey BBQ said:
I have a new washer and dryer coming tomorrow... and I have to finish painting the laundry room..... no cooking...

Sunday I have a birthday party scheduled for my two daughters.. (will be 9 and 5) I chartered the Cape May Whale Watcher for a 2 hour dolphin watching cruise for my two little queens and 80 of their closest school friends (and their parents, I am not watching all those kids on a boat)

Check it Out here...

NOW next Sunday it looks like I will be BBQ'n on my new Gator. Ritch sent me some photos today right before it was painted and they tell me I could have it here in Jersey by Memorial Day weekend !

Check it out... from my design to the almost finished product...
The Lone Star...

Jersey, Hope you remembered to print out one of those $3 coupons. LOL :grin:
That new pit is going to look great. =D>

Shawn White

Sous Chef
Jan 5, 2005
Calgary, Alberta
I was home for the weekend but had too much to do to have a big cook.

Made some excellent burgers, grilled over Maple Leaf lump. Lean GB, eggs, worcestershire, dehydrated onions, bit of bread crumbs, coarse ground black pepper, hickory smoked salt. I mixed in lots of woos with the eggs when beating, then added the mixed liquid to the meat. Used my KitchenAid with the flat bar.

Served with bacon strips, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoe, mayo & chipotle mayo mixed.

Sauteed mushrooms were with shallots (after mushroom juice boiled off), then removed, mixed with Montreal Steak spice parsley and rested with lid on.

No ketchup, mustard or pickles which must be a first for me.

Rob D.

Senior Cook
Mar 16, 2005
Coventry, Ct.
Shawn, for some reason the cereal I'm eating while reading your post is leaving a little to be desired.... :)

I fired up my new Platinum saturday. Did a couple of chickens, some italian sausage and some corn on the cob. Used Larry's rub on one of the chickens, not bad, but not a good enough experiment to really judge the flavor (dried the chickens out a little, forgot all about the higher temps in a new Weber :badgrin: )....


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