Cabbage, stewed

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Sous Chef
Dec 4, 2007
Austin, TX.
I like Stewed Cabbage from my local Caffeteria.

I think it is nothing more than..

Fry some Bacon and Onion (not too much), add some large chunks of Green Cabbage and Water and cook for a while...

we get nice cabbage in Texas this time of year..

why is mine not as good?

I cook mine for like an Hour..maybe not long I guess their's stew on the Steam Table most of the day..

or perhaps some Chicken Broth?

How can this be sooo hard?

Their's is rather Sweet and savory.. mine is too Cabbagie!

Maybe it's just always the "Thing Taste Better Out" deal!

Eric, Austin Tx.
Try boiling your cabbage before adding it to the frying pan with the bacon. Put a tbsp of vinegar in the boiling water, that might do what you want it to do.
While I don't at my house...don't be surprised if the cabbage at the Cafeteria contains sugar....In fact, I'd be surprised if it didn't......


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