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Nov 3, 2015
York (UK)
Hi. In the 60s there was a company called Vesta. I liked the Vesta chow mein. What I would like to know is where can you get the soft flat noodles. I can see the chrispy ones on line.

I see you can get the Vesta Chow Mein still. From UK. But I've no idea if that also includes the soft noodles.
Here, our grocers often have a section of "fresh pasta's". We can choose from styles like fettuccini, etc. If you can't make your own fresh then the store fresh are really great.
I had heard egg noodles mentioned but that Fettuccine looks nice. Thanks. Had a look at supermarkets on line. They don't have it but Amazon does.
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Never thought about this but if there is anyone who has had these. A similar recipie would be nice. I was thinking of making it up as I go along.

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