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Sous Chef
Dec 4, 2007
Austin, TX.
Just moved to all electric home. Learning electric range.

1. Is it OK to take a sheet of cookies or a baked chicken out of the oven. Then place it on the spiral stove top heating elements to let it cool? I wouldn't want to damage the heater elements.

2. There is a drawer under the oven bottom of range. Is it OK to store stuff like cookie sheets and muffin tins and other metal things in there?

Eric, Austin Tx.
Yes and yes.

If the burners are cold, you can put pans just out of the oven on them.

Twitter and Instagram tell me it's a huge revelation ("I was today days old when I found out . . . ") the the drawer under the oven is for keeping foods warm out of the oven but everyone I know uses it for storage.
LOL, one of my gas stoves had a setting for the bottom warming drawer of low and high. I though it rather silly as it get warm anyhow. Imagine my surprise to find out it does not!
Back in the 60's salesmen referred to them as storage drawers. I'd learned thru my mom that they were warm from oven use. For big dinners I often cleared out all the cookie/roasting paraphernalia to use it for warming.
All that to say I'm not surprised Andy that many people don't know.
You may be surprised by just how hot an electric coil burner can get, when left on high for a while. Here's the experience of a YouTuber I follow. In the comments, other people mention having had the same experience. Here's the video, starting at the relevant place. I'll include a link to the beginning of the video, in case that is easier for anyone.

and here's the link to the beginning of that video.

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