Green Chili Recipe?

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Apr 7, 2008
Anyone got a kick axe green chili recipe? I just found a bag of frozen green chilies in my deep freezer. They're left over from last year. Thanks for any help.
Well sorry to disappoint. Fact is all the green chili concoctions I have tasted in my long life have all tasted delicious to me. I recall fondly some Green Chili enchiladas which we got at a hole in the wall place in the middle of no where AZ. Whew them was good. Only torture that a person can inflict upon any type of peppa which makes it inedible for me is Chile Rellinos. Them are Anaheims I think. Some reason them thangs make me want to gag. Think maybe it is the clash of textures or something? Because I like all the individual components. It must be a mental thang. Guess whut prevents me from making grub which is predominated by Hatch Chiles is the cost plust I am a fat lazy boy who dont often get up the energy to cook stuff. At my house I would be the only one who would eat it blah blah blah. Hope this helps.

Well I love Pablonos too. I just dont like nothing resembling a long peppa with cheese inside of it which has been breaded and fried. Now this process is purty well enacted with Januine Aramadillo eggs but I can eat them just fine. I think usually when you get one at the restaurant the grease was too cold which it was fried in. Then they put some kinda sauce on top which makes the breading soggy. Just aint my cup o tea. I like crunchy stuff. Now I love fried jap poppers like from Sonic which is basically the same ball game sans the sauce. It must be mental.

As soon as my camera gets back from bein fixed i monna make one of them green chilies and have to do some turds. That will suprise the kids! :LOL:
Well now aint this special. I send you a link to the same place as JB and get nagged at...then JB gets all kinds of applause and accolades. It just aint fair. Cajuns always get preferential treatment. I am repoating this to Prez Osama. Would not be surprised if he sent Nancy Pelosi or Hillary down here to investigate. Maybe even Barney Frank. Sure he could get to the bottom of the situation quickly.

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