I have a new website need some help lol

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Sous Chef
Sep 2, 2004
I just finished a website after 2 months of hardwork. http://chefjonlin.cjb.net/ Come check it out and i might need some recipes and reviews to acutally have stuff on the site. give me some comments and suggestions. Its sort of incomplete now, but itll progress as weeks pass after i get more stuff like reicpes and reviews.


Hospitality Queen
Sep 2, 2004
Southern California
hey Jon - we finally know your name - that's a lot of work you've done!
I really like the header (keep in mind I know nothing about making a website, but I do know what looks nice ;) ), and the fonts you chose were quite appealing.

On your main page, you chronicle your efforts, which is quite interesting, but I'm not sure I'd put your cooking "accident" regarding the tasteless steak with too much rosemary on it. Makes the reader a little concerned as to your skills. (which I KNOW you have!) Rather, you may want to put a link to a "what was I thinking?!" page for giggles.

I like the "about me" aspect, but there are 2 things I'd change:

1. Add a photo! It really gets your reader more connected to you, and they will return often. (You may even want a family shot)
2. Why is it written in third person? This is a personal page, so it should be in first person. Again, it gives the reader a certain bond that cannot be formed through third. Ask your English teacher about this one.

I hope this site takes off for you, Jon!!!
I know I can speak for all of us here when we say we are proud of you!

(and when you're famous, can we get the "good" table at your restaurant?)
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