So what are your "amazing" food experiences?

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I'm from new Zealand so we did 3 months in June july August in 98.
We stayed in paris on way home.
In sacre couer I purchased a tour package it was extremely expensive. Cant remember cost
1 we went on a cruise on the Seine 2 hrs then up the Eiffel Tower for dinner then trip to moulin rouge for supper.
Best meal and experience of a lifetime EVER

Thank you for sharing these delightful moments. Each meal carries a story, and yours are truly special. 🌟
In Lisbon we ate at a wonderful restaurant called Terreiro do Paco. The chef Vitor Sobral uses regional ingredients and the dishes are fantastic, but not cheap. The building was previously the Royal Palace until it was destroyed after the earthquake in 1755.

While camping in Maine we went to a small local restaurant on the bay known for their lobster. It was nothing fancy, but the atmosphere of sitting on the heated screened porch overlooking the ocean was very memorable for me.

Just recently we visited Zurich and had a great time eating traditional cheese fondue early in the afternoon before heading into old town for a few drinks. That was the same afternoon that the tram driver decided to stop in the middle of the street for a cigarette break leaving me locked on the tram. Of course I was the only one on there, since I didn't speak the language I must not have understood the announcement on the previous stop :) I ended up going into the conductors area in the front and started pounding on the window to get his attention. Needless to say that whole day was pretty memorable.

There is a little B&B in Norman, Oklahoma called Whispering Pines. My parents took me there on my last trip after some of their friends recommended it. Great food and even better service. My parents had been their only once before for my sisters birthday and when they took me the weighter remembered my father's drink and that my mother was allergic to garlic. I was very impressed all around. A few of the dishes that were outstanding were the corn and crab bisque, duck salad, and the filet.
It's wonderful to hear about your memorable dining experiences! From the regional delights of Lisbon and traditional cheese fondue in Zurich, to the charming B&B in Norman, Oklahoma, each place seems to have left a unique and lasting impression. Thank you for sharing these delightful culinary adventures with us.
The meals I had in five star deluxe hotels, during the free educational trips my company offered( I used to work for a luxury hotel chain) 😁.
I just thought of one. I was invited to a dinner party with Jon Dvorak, who wrote for PC Magazine, but started his journalism career as a wine writer.

The dinner party was at The Mansion on Turtle Creek, where Dean Fearing was the Executive Chef. Mr. Dvorak picked the food and wine parings, and talked about why they work -- and they definitely worked.

It was a six course meal, and every single course was outstanding. I estimate I consumed about $500 worth of food and wine that evening, and it didn't cost me a penny. PC Magazine paid for it.

At various little family owned and run restaurants outside of the tourist areas in Italian cities. We had 3 absolutely outstanding meals, and numerous very good to excellent meals, all reasonably priced.

We also ate at Cipriani's in Venice back in the mid 1990s when there was a very formal dining room. We were picked up from our hotel on the Grand Canal and taken to the island by private motor launch, teak, velvet seats, etc. Ladies dripping in jewels were all around us in the dining room. It was a great meal at a great price, but our favorite overall was 1 of the 3 above in Lago Maggiore up the side of the mountain where the locals lived, and the one who recommended the place, and after dinner Irish coffees on the walk on the way back down in an Irish pub owned by a local and his Irish bride. Dinner and after dinner weren't a whole lot more than pre dinner drinks at Cipriani's.
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