What do you make your kids for lunch?

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Sep 1, 2004
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I don't have kids yet, but since we talk about what we eat for lunch everyday, I'm curious what you make your kids for their school lunches. I'm sure it's a challenge finding something they'll like that's somewhat healthy!
My kid will happily eat a PBJ every day of the week. I tried to get her interested in cheese or tuna fish, but she's not buyin' it much. I usually also pack one of those little Dole fruit bowls or a banana or grapes. She only has 30 minutes for lunch so I don't pack a lot. At least she's not having lunch at 10:30 in the morning like last year!
this is funny............
my son, who had his birthday yesterday, and my daughter were telling stories about this very thing at the Outback restaurant, where we took him for his B-day dinner last night.
they laughed about the fact that I put their drinks in I Can't believe it's not butter containers. I was a fool. Just ask them. All the while, I thought I was being soooooooooooooo clever.
mine likes to eat salad almost everyday for lunch, along with gummy fruits, and a granola bar, and a can of pepsi 1 (she's 13).
When I sent school lunches mine was happy with bologna and mustard, or ham and mustard, PBJ, peanut butter crackers with a banana (a classmate who was Japanese brought sushi everyday - 8) )
It has been awhile (my daughter is 25 now--those are her kids in my picture below), but Nancy usually took a sandwich (the type varied), something sweet (cookies, pudding cup, fruit roll-up, fruit), and a drink (usually a drink box). Sometimes she brought "Ants on a Log" (celery filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins) or carrot sticks. On cold days, she sometimes took soup or chili in a thermos.

I cringe every time I see one of my kids (at school) bring one of those Lunchable things. Have you checked out the salt content in those? Lot's wife had a lower salt content! This state is (last I heard) the number one state for heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes, and salt is one of the reasons. I think I've gotten through to some of my kids. They don't seem to be taking as much salt at lunch (we were never even offered salt in school in California, but I have seen some of these kids take 5 or more packs!).

:) Barbara
My sone eats school lunch. Today he had fish nuggets, hushpuppies, corn, fruit cup, & choclate milk. Every day they have 3 main dish choices(with pb&j being one of those every day), & some sort of veggie & fruit. Tomorrow, the choices are A) sub wrap B) hamburger & C) pb&j, the sides are lettuce/tomato/pickle/onion, seasoned potato wedges, & shape up(a frozen fruit juice bar). I think they have 3 or 4 milk choices, plain, chocolate, strawberry, & vanilla. He said he's having a sub wrap tomorrow.

As far as my daughters lunch goes, since she isin't in school yet, it varies every day. Today she had a pb&j sandwich. Most of the time she & I eat leftovers from supper the night before.
I give her a snack everyday, usually 2 cookies and water or juice and cheese crackers or cheetohs. The trend in the class is to drink your juice or water but share the snacks with another classmate.

She likes the school lunch. When I do make her lunch, its usually:
tuna sandwhich
kids yogurt
cheese crackers and sliced apple.
LOL How could I forget the string cheese? Nancy loved (still does) cheese so much that she even got some special cheeses in her Christmas stocking one year!

:) Barbara
I've given up actually making their lunches myself. They're 22 and 19, and in university.

I make available pita pockets and tortillas (to make wraps) for my daughter, who detests bread, and a multi-grain bread for my son, who loves bread.

I rarely buy cold cuts, so on Sunday evening, I'll rotisserie a turkey/chicken, bake a piece of ham, slow-cook a small pot roast, something like that, to use for sandwiches. There's always lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, condiments, etc. in the fridge, along with cheddar and swiss (no slices, please, Mom). Make it your way!

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