Govt. says cooking chicken to 165 kills bird flu.

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Captain Morgan

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Jan 18, 2005
Myrtle Beach
Government says 165 degrees will kill viruses including bird flu

WASHINGTON (AP) - For people squirmy about the thought of
bird flu and how it might affect food, the government is out with
some cooking advice.
The U-S Agriculture Department says cooking poultry to a
temperature of 165 degrees will kill bird-flu virus, or any other
The department's undersecretary for food safety says it's
always offered "doneness" advice but has never before spelled out
what it takes to kill viruses and bacteria that may lurk in
poultry. But, with all the bird-flu concern, the Ag Department
decided now would be a "wonderful time" to educate everybody on
the need to handle poultry properly and make sure it's cooked to
the right temperature.
There have been no recorded cases of bird flu in the U-S,
but experts think it will probably reach U-S shores by the end of
the year.


Site Team
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Mar 13, 2005
Anchorage, Alaska
I'll keep you posted. There was recently an article in the local paper about how the bird flu is going to enter North America this year. The vehicle will be migratory waterfowl that come from Asia to North America through Alaska.

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