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Actually I gave the glasses I picked up at the library (free) to my son and family. They are traveling back from Florida right now. Had only reached West Virginia around noon - traffic seems to be horrific - they assume it is due to the eclipse. People are heading the same way they are to see if they can see anything.

But I'm not disappointed. I've seen partial ones. I actually remember them from '79 ( I didn't see it but remember the hype) and even the one in '17. So I'm not too worried about missing this one.

I'm more anxious to see that bread rise - the one I refrigerated a couple of days ago to bake today. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... it's just sitting there looking at me... doing nothing.
L:LOL:L, the eclipse is just starting here and cars are pulled over to the sides of roads and people out with their little glasses. BECAUSE THE CLOUDS PARTED JUST IN TIME FOR THE START.

Same here. It was cloudy all morning. There was a big cloud blocking the sun ten minutes before totality, but it moved out just in time. Here is my backyard at 1:42PM. The backyard lights that are on photocells came on.


AWK! never thought to take a picture of the back yard and front. I must say it was neat.

did you get a picture looking up?

I guess everyone that paid for a hotel room was happy.
We didn’t see a total. But we did see it get down to a crescent. It got darker but not nighttime dark. It looked kind of eerie and got cooler and windy.
AWK! never thought to take a picture of the back yard and front. I must say it was neat.

did you get a picture looking up?

I guess everyone that paid for a hotel room was happy.

I did get some photos with my pro camera leading up to the few minutes of total eclipse, but as I mentioned in the eclipse thread, when the actual few minutes of totality happened, I had to scramble to change my camera settings, which I had been warned about by other professional photographers. I'm not sure how good those shots will be.

I had to make a quick run to the store around 8:30 last night, and sure enough, it rained on my clean car. As soon as I got my car back in the garage, the rain stopped, of course.

We got some heavy storms around 3AM. It actually woke me up. Laying in bed, I got hungry, and went to the kitchen to toast a bagel. The rain was coming down in buckets. Some parts of North Texas got some flooding. My city (Frisco) doesn't flood. We have dry retention ponds in every neighborhood tied into the storm drain system that can hold a lot of water until the rain stops, and the system can catch up. It does a great job of preventing flash floods that are common on the prairies of North Texas.

We have more big storms coming later today. There is a tornado watch in effect right now South of Dallas -- I'm North of Dallas. They are predicting large hail, so my car will NOT be leaving the garage.

It got to 79° here today, warmest day since sometime last October. Rain starting in the morning, but the worst is coming Thursday, into Friday, and we might get an inch or so over the next 3 days. Staying around 70°, and higher than average lows, as well.
Sunny and mild today. It's only 81F.

Houston got hammered yesterday. My sister has not had power at her house since around 6PM yesterday. She and about 700,000 other people, apparently. That's a good ten percent of the Houston area population.

I was on the phone with her when the storms went through, and she was very nervous sounding. The winds in her area were over 80MPH, and near downtown Houston, the weather service measured winds at 104MPH.

My mom has power at her apartment. Places like hospitals, fire stations -- and senior living facilities get priority service when this kind of thing happens.

My sister got power back at around 8AM today. She's going to have to throw almost all of the food in her fridge away. Maybe half of what's in her freezer -- anything raw, for sure.

It got quite warm today, here on the Island of Montreal. I opened windows and turned on the oscillating fan. That was comfy until around 16:00 (4PM) and then I turned on the AC. I also figured out how to get the temperature back to Celsius. A couple of weeks ago, I had the annual maintenance done on the AC. After the technician left, I noticed that the temperature had been switched to Fahrenheit. So, I went looking for the manual. I found all the paper work and manuals, except the English version of the one I wanted. So, I had to read it in French. Not too terrible, but English would have been preferable.
8 deg c here..heat pump cranked up we had frosts 3 days In a row last week


Hopefully we will hear from you more now that it is getting cold down there, and more motivated to stay inside on your computer. ;)

It is almost midnight here, and 80F/27C. I am bracing myself for what I know is coming in a few more weeks.

Officially it was 72 F but in the back yard it was registering 85 F. Very hot for me planting. I used to love the heat and could work thru it but not any more. Lasted about 2+half hours and had to quit. Same as day before, that was with many sit-downs in the shade to catch my breath. Today officially it will be 77 F and I better get most of the rest of the stuff in or it just might never make it. Next 3 days the heat is increasing and then Thurs. "poof" back to the 60's.
We've been under a tornado watch from 4 pm to midnight...now a high wind storm coming through around 8-9 pm. We've moved everything that could blow away in 60 mph winds (traveling speed of the storm), which is in Madison about now. 7:30. We're hoping the bees do okay and we bought rechargeable lamps 1000 lumens to see when the electric goes out. We'll get to test those out if we lose electric. When we lose electric we lose internet too. We have a weather radio for threats when nothing else works. We've been organizing what we take to the basement in case of a tornado warning. (power bank, laptop, password and documents, thumb drives, lamps, flashlights, shoes, purse, ID, charging cables, phones, back up drive, address book...more.) We've got it down to 4 buckets/bags.
OH I forgot keys to the truck in case we have to live out of the truck-in a disaster.
Be prepared if you can.

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